Once upon a time...

two ladies in Houston had a wild idea about a gifting business. One was “gifting-challenged” and needed help but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. The other was a gifting expert (and shopaholic!) who was constantly being complimented on her gorgeous and creative gifts. As luck would have it, the two were introduced, and the gifting magic began!


1. Do you ship?
Yes! We can ship to just about anywhere, and we also have partners in many cities that can provide hand delivery. We cannot ship alcohol products.
2. How do I order?
Just fill out the form on the Order Now page, which will initiate a New Order Questionnaire that will be sent to your email. The questions differ depending on what type of gift you need (e.g. personal, corporate, event). After we receive your completed questionnaire, we will start the design process and stay in regular communication with you.
3. Do you have a storefront or physical gift products that I can see in person?
We are not a retail store, so we do not carry any inventory or have items on-hand. This means that we have total flexibility when it comes to curating the perfect gift for you! We can essentially use any products that will fit your gift needs and make a lasting impression on your recipient(s).
4. What is the typical turnaround on your gifts?
That depends entirely on your required delivery date and the type of gift we design. In most instances, a custom gift with multiple pieces and some personalization takes at least 2 weeks. This includes time to receive and inspect all items at the Bestow office, compile the gift, and deliver or ship it to the lucky recipient. If you need something faster than 2 weeks, just let us know in the New Order Questionnaire and we will do our best to find a gift that will meet your deadline.